About Us

Step 1: Attend Cheveyo Training Camp.

Step 2: Leave Cheveyo Training Camp feeling like a refreshed and rejuvenated you.

Step 3: Return home and make all of your friends jealous because you came back from your holiday looking and feeling a million times better than you did before.

To summarize,

Our method works.

We bring together all of the essential elements – scenic outdoor training facility, personalized workout routines, customized meal plan, and inclusive resort amenities – so that you can leave our camp feeling a distinct improvement in your overall health, well-being, and fitness.

Held among the backdrop of the picturesque coastal town of Zahora in southern Spain, Cheveyo is a serious and ambitious training camp which aims to boost your health, physical condition, and performance levels. We focus on bringing highly functional training to you in a natural environment so that we can optimize the variation in movement patterns and training stimulus.

There is no requirement of fitness level to attend, however it IS important that you:

• Bring the right spirit!
• Are ready to challenge yourself!
• Are open to making healthy changes in your lifestyle!

Here at Cheveyo, we are passionate about what we do. It is our sincerest hope that you leave after your *7 days of training a stronger and more inspired you.

We hope to see you soon!

*Further results can be achieved on longer stays. Contact us to ask about any long-term deals we may have available.