“The food you eat can be either the safest & and the most powerful form of medicine, or it can be the slowest form of poison.”

Today most people have grown accustomed to and dependent on the highly processed, chemically and genetically altered foodstuffs available in modern supermarkets. They’re tired. They’re cranky. They’re bloated.

We don’t want that.

Instead, the diet supplied throughout our course is based around the principle of natural foods and stresses the use of organic and locally grown produce. We use only the most nutritious, non-processed ingredients in our meals because we believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy diet. The Cheveyo diet has been specifically formulated to secure a well balanced amount of nutrients, including an optimized fatty acid ratio, and is both gluten free and dairy free.

Main components of the diet include:

• Fruits and vegetables
• Free range meats and eggs
• Seafood
• Seeds and nuts

Similar to the well-known Paleo diet, Cheveyo’s diet is based on the idea of getting back to basics. Namely, this means ingesting food that the body originally adapted to live on – fresh products found naturally in the wild. Many who come to the camp will experience a diet with a lower ratio of carbohydrates than they’re used to. It may take a little while for your body to adapt its metabolic systems to this change, a process which will typically be felt in the form of cravings for sugary foods.

However, if you can get past your initial cravings to bury your face in a chocolate cake, the benefits of this diet change are numerous. Many clients experience improved insulin sensitivity, better body composition in terms of their ratio of muscle to body fat, improved hormonal balance, and a strengthened immune system.

*** Seafood is a large part of the Cheveyo diet, so if you do not like seafood or are allergic to certain types of seafood, please let us know and we will arrange an alternative protein source for you.